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Friday, 7 December 2018

Hanging Flower vase illusion craft

Hello friends..

After a long time it feels so good to post.. Today's craft is inspired by an illusion art. A flower vase is made to look like like it is hanging in the air and the flowers are falling from it.. I have seen many cakes decorated by using this technique..

 A fork is pasted on the centre of the pink plate with hot glue.. ThensSmall fabric roses and precut leaves arepsted along the fork as to hide it completely.. A small container is pasted at eh handle end.. and some flowers and leaves are pasted inside it too. 

Once it dries, it gives the illusion of the vase magically hanging in air and the flowers are falling from it.

Hope you liked my craft..
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Friday, 24 August 2018

My Kid's School Project-Map Of Goa

Hello everyone..

Project works mean a lot for our kids.. they learn beyond their books and enjoy presenting something that they did. My daughter was thrilled when she came to know about her project and we all did this together.. 

The topic was Map of Goa..

 It took a week to complete this project and we made a 3D map of Goa with beaches, coconut trees, rivers, districts and its water transports. 

The base was made with thermocol and tissue paper. Then it was painted completely with fabric paint. Ready made coconut trees were used..The rivers are drawn with glitter paints. The boat photos were pasted on a chart and attached to the thermocol..

Labelling is done with the help of toothpicks..

Here... Take a look

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Kids Badges made with Chart paper

Hello everyone..
We never know the true value of the time we allocate to share with our children. If we spend our time with our kids, it will become their most treasured memory. All mothers will realize that when they talk to their child. They will remember about that joyous time up to very minute detail even when we can't.. If we play with our child,they will feel secure and respected.

So today I have posted a small craft about making a simple badge made with chart paper..But for sure it will become a treasured possession for their whole life. Please make your children get involved and encourage them to do.

How its Made:

First cut a chart paper in to a small circle or any shape liked by them..

Draw their favorite outline. for example, a star or a diamond.

Apply glue and put some glitter on that shape. After 5 minutes, dust off the excess glitter and they will stuck only in the places where the glue was applied.

Now write any inspiring or any word that your child will feel proud in wearing on them.. Stick a small safety pin in the back and past another chart paper to place the pin in its place..

Attach a decorative ribbon as border. Let it dry.

 Now a cute badge is ready for your kid to wear..

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Learnt through Youtube-Kids gift box with goodies

Hello everyone..
After two long months, its feels good to be posting a craft.. Due to some personal reasons the delay was unavoidable.. so without further adieu, lets get started..

Today my post was about a tiny gift box made with popsicle sticks with some cute goodies inside them.. This works well as a birthday gift for kids..The most important thing about this box is that I have learnt everything through youtube.. Sure, its very helpful and inspiring to create many crafts..

 I have collaborated many ideas and modified them according to my need and availability. There is an originally made goodie too... Take a look..

 The box had these items..

a)A ring made with pipe cleaners 

b)A butterfly card with lollipop

c)A popsicle shaped greeting card

d)A minion toy made with thermocol(Original idea)

Hope you have liked my post.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 
Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Decorated Ganesha Wall hanger-made from CD

Hello everyone..

Its good to be back after a long time.. Today I have posted a decorative wall hanger made with CD. 

With the new age of teeny tiny storage devices, Cds have almost become a collector's item.. But its a wonderful base for several art and craft works because of its usual compactness and the wonderful reflective surface.. 

how many of us have age old CDs at home which is of no use to us and just gathers dust? Well, we can see infinite methods to reuse them in the internet.. This craft is one of a million ways to reuse an old CD.. 

Here is my wall hanger..


My wall hanger was made as a gift. I have pasted a precut golden colored plastic Ganesha in the center of a CD. The outlines are decorated with several colored beadstrings..

By placing a satin ribbon at the back of this CD, paste another CD facing outwards and stick stone patches and a beadwork at the bottom part finishes this beautiful home decor... 

Hope you liked my craft. Thank you for visiting my blog

Have a nice day..

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Handmade toy for Kids-Bus

Hello everyone..

Last week, When my kid showed me her school circular about doing a home project (Topic-Ur kids favourite means of transport),little did I know that she likes bus this much.. I thought of doing a simple car with some paper plates and chart paper..

When she was excited about the big bus, then came the idea of turning a toy box of Talking Tom into a bus..Though I had an idea in my heart, as it was  my first attempt, I was a little nervous.. The finished bus was like this..

It all started with the outer carton of a toy and a piece of thermocoal.. Cut out the external flap and fold the cover to form the shape of the front of the bus..

Now for the wheels, I have made circles of about 4 cm radius..out of thermocoal and pasted it onto the sides of the box with fabric glue..

Now comes the fun part.. We can decorate the bus with color papers, some stickers and shiny cards for the windshield and back glasses..


 Hope you liked my post.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. keep on crafting..