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Friday, 23 September 2016

Crafts-Flower Making-Ohp Petals and a Butterfly..

"Where flower blooms so does hope"-Famous quote

Hello everyone..

Today I have made a flower with OHP sheet petals and a butterfly with OHP sheet wings.. The idea of this flower came when I came across some excess OHP sheet which was left over from my Varmalakshmi Head Alankara.. and some shilpkar mseal left over from my Ganesh Mantap...

A petal is made by painting on an OHP sheet with acrylic paint..

 Then, the petals are inserted into a flower center made with shilpkar mseal . Leave some mseal under the flower so we can cover it onto a metal wire to form a stem..

Then the flower center is pricked with a safety pin to form dots..

Now a butterfly is made in the same way i.e.,OHP sheet wings colored with acrylic paint and inserted into a body made with shilpkar mseal..
A metal wire is attached to the bottom of the body of the butterfly..

The butterfly is then inserted into the flower center..

Now the stem is made by covering a metal wire with mseal and it is colored green.. The flower center is colored yellow.. The butterfly body is colored with yellow and black..

Now, the flower is inserted into a flower bed(oasis) and placed in a plastic flowerpot..

Our beautiful OHP Flower and Butterfly is ready for display..

You can buy the supplies here..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Feel free to comment.. See you soon with another artwork.. Hope you enjoyed this post..Have a nice day..

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