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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sequins Art - Flowers on a Card

Hello everyone..

Here is another sequins art to decorate any surface.. I have pasted the sequins on a birthday card.. Actually the decoration using sequins is only limited to our imagination.. I have pasted the sequins in the shape of flowers and leaves... Take a look..

 I have used pink and sly blue colored eye shaped sequins to make this design..The flower center is made with a golden 3D outliner..The card page looks like this..

Hope you enjoyed my craft.. See you next year...(I meant the New Year of course..😉)
Thank you for visiting my blog... Keep on crafting..

Have  a very HAPPY NEW YEAR..2017

Sequins Art - Golden plant

Hello everyone..
The beads and sequins are an integral part of decoration.. on fabric, jewellery, gifts and also used in religious practices too.....Beads are widely used even before thousands of years..There are historical evidences that they were used in many Egyptian, Indian, and African culture.. Today there are so many variety of sequins and beads are available to help us give life to our creativity..

Golden tree is made as a craft for some time now mainly since it is believed to bring wealth and prosperity according to vaasthu.. So by taking a leaf out the golden tree (not literally of course..😃I meant the idea), I have made a small golden plant with sequins leaves and thermocol ball fruits..

 I have placed the golden plant inside a small earthen pot and placed mseal around it.. I have sprinkled some sand on the mseal immediately so that it sticks and looks real..

Hope you liked my post..Please leave your comments below.. Thank you for visiting my blog..Have a nice day.. keep on crafting..


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A4 Sized Tile Zentangle Pattern Contd

Hello everyone..

Today I have continued writing my last post and have explained the inspirations behind my Zentangle patterns.. To view my last post, Please Click Here..

The full A4 sized pattern is..

Lets see about this four patterns..

The first tile depicts the change of a problem.. In the center, there is a thorn which grows bigger and bigger and finally becomes straight parallel the upper right corner. All our problems will straight out themelves if we are ready to give it some time and patience..

The second tile depicts stages in our life circle.. We start out as tiny cells as in the centre..Grow organs, become an fetus, born ,learn to walk,run and live life.. We marry and have kids... We love and nurture them.. and return the life given to us and reach the tiny forms of ash at last....

The third tile looks like a a arranged book shelf.. This asserts the importance to read books and acquiring knowledge with curiosity....What we have learnt is as a size of our palm and the things to be learnt is as the size of an ocean..

The fourth tile makes us see black in white and white in black .. We should always be aware that there are two sides to everybody.. We can look at their black side and hate them or we can their white side and love them..

The second tile looks like this..

The first tile is drawn like a closely placed flower petals..this represents the idea that union is strength and beauty..

The next tile is inspired by a honeycomb and obviously it is to explain the idea of hard work.. When we work hard, we will surely reap its benefits..

The third tile looks like a fan and it is a tribute the role played by air in our life... As it available to us 24*7, We take it for granted.. Please take a minute to listen to our inhaling and exhaling ..we will realize the importance of air and be grateful..

The fourth tile has a flower placed on  a random designed background.. We should to be indifferent to our joy and sorrow...When we understand there is a slight good in every bad thing, we will remain happy and stop worrying..

Well, these are all just my thoughts.. You too can share your thoughts in the comments section below.. Thank you for reading this post.. Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

Monday, 19 December 2016

A4 Size Zentangle Tiles

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted an A4 Sized tiled Zentangle patterns.. Being a Mehendhi artist, I love drawing intricate designs.. So the idea of drawing zentangle art and its inspired drawings gave me a wonderful feeling.. Now I am always thinking each and every moment about designs and patterns..(even my family noticed..😏)

This pattern took a weekend to complete.. But I feel so nice on seeing the completed tile..I have tried a new thing too. I have drawn the patterns inspired by some of my favorite principles in life.. Take a look..

In this first part,
The first tile is inspired by the hair braid design..When we braid our hair it is easy to maintain and the knots will become almost none.. So good arrangement of items will make the place look neat and there will be no tension of searching anything at the time of need..

The second tile has many criss cross lines with tiny lines over them.. This drawing depicts us over-complicating things.. When we concentrate on the cross lines(i.e., our problems) alone, we will miss seeing the tiny stars (i.e., beauty around us)among them and at the background of the tile..

The third tile has several shapes with same inner designs.. No matter what how we look outside, our inner systems are all the same to all of us people.. This tile is to say that however we may look like, We all are beautiful..

The fourth tile has a flower design is with both sharp and curved edges..We have to be tough to avoid people who uses us almost and we have to be yielding towards people who loves us most..

The second part looks like this..

In this part, the first tile depicts the patience that we need to achieve our goal, step by step.. We have to plan our progress, prepare for failure and proceed steadily..

The second tile represents the difference between living a single life and  a family life.. The former is like a flower with full fragrance and the latter creates a collage of petals..There is a great looking road of transition between them too😥..

The third tile depicts road safety.. We have to careful and clever enough to follow rules on road..Walkers should cross on zebra crossing..

The fourth tile says the importance of looking back our trails.. Each triangle has its own shaded trail at their back..The events in our life gives us many happy memories and also some tough lessons of life.. We have to be sure to look in our past to live good in our future and enjoy our present..

Explainations on other tiles are on the way in my following posts..Follow my blog for updates.. Thanks for reading..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Handmade Kids Greeting Card for Dad's Birthday

Hello everyone..

The most exciting and interesting day for anyone is their birthday..So when my kids wanted to make a greeting card to wish their dad on his birthday, I was excited too.. This card represents the wonderful combination of birthday and crafting along with my kids love..

The card (though a little time consuming) came together so nice.. There are no words to explain the joy and pride on the face of my daughters when they finished and placed the card inside an envelope.. 

So here is how the card was made.. the rectangle card stock is self designed and it is folded along the center..The opening page has a hand written title and bordered with some red paper which was cut with a tulip shaped paper cutter stamp.

There is also a cute hand drawn crayon cartoon of my two daughters(drawn by my elder daughter) at the bottom right corner..

I have made the center page of my greeting card inspired by a classic technique of palm tracing
  1. Place ur child's palm on the cardboard
  2. Trace it and cut the cardboard in that shape
  3. Place it on another cardboard and draw them..
  4. Repeat Step 3 by keeping the palm card on many angles..
I have used blue color for my younger daughter's palm and red for my elder one.. with the "happy birthday dear daddy" message placed among them..

Now, this is another card made with a foam sheet in my kid's palm shape representing  close your eyes symbol.. There was a pen sticked inside the card which was the surprise gift..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you like my kids cards.. Feel free to comment below..
Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Monday, 12 December 2016

Embroidered Mat

Hello everyone..

Embroidery is a wonderful artwork practiced worldwide.. There are evidences of embroidery done even from 3rd Century with many common stitches such as back stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitch,blanket stitch,etc.,.. The artwork has adapted into every place of the world according to the creativeness of the native people and also the materials available..

Today I have posted an embroidered mat with basic stitches..I have learned many new stitches from You can refer it for any doubts on embroidery.. You can buy online at

You can see the stitches clearly if we take a closer look..

In the center design, I have used Blanket stitch, Chain Stitch and  Satin Stitch.. I have pasted some crystal embellishments on it..ans stiched some golden sequins using back stitch..

For the border stitch, I have used beaded fly stitch and mirror work.. I have stitched a lace along the border to complete the mat..

Hope you like this artwork.. Feel free to comment below.. Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Recoloring Karthigai Deepam

Hello everyone..

Last year, I have colored these diyas for Karthigai.. But when I took it out of the box, I felt sad on seeing their condition and I knew I can't use it... So I thought of repainting it as an act of reusing.. I realized that I can change it into a new one.. That idea felt awesome...

So here are my old diyas which I painted last year.. Believe me.. It looked beautiful last year..

As the first step, I painted a base of brown acrylic color.. When they were half dried, I repainted another coat on it... After that I applied the gold,silver and bronze metallic dust on them with my fingers..

When we apply metallic dust, the intricate patterns on the deepam wiil be clearly visible.  Here is how they look now..

Hope you enjoyed this post... Thank you for visiting my blog.. Have a nice day..Happy Karthigai Deepam.. Keep on crafting..

Decorated Karthigai Deepam

Hello everyone..

Today is the auspicious day of Karthigai Deepam.. Karthigai is the 8th month of the Tamil calendar.. "Periya karthigai" or "Karthigai Thirunal" is the birth date of Lord Karthikeya, also known as Lord Murugan, a prominent deity of Tamil Nadu..

About Karthigai Deepam: 

On this special day, Fasting is done in the name of "Karthigai Viratham".. without eating breakfast and lunch but Fruits, Mavu Urundai(Flour Laddu) and Milk can be taken.. the fasting is ended with a grand feast(consists of rice,sambar and 7 or more vegetable poriyal and finished with sweet kheer or payasam) in the evening 6 pm after lighting the deepam and offering prayers to the Lord Murugan..

 Today, the famous "Maha Deepam" is also lit on the hilltop of the Shivan temple, "Sri Arunachaleswarar temple" at Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu


As a deepam is the main feature of this celebration, today, I have decorated some clay diyas.. Lets get into it..


The simple way of making a clay deepam colorful and beautiful is to paint it..I have painted this diya using lemon yellow and crimson acrylic colors.. (If acrylic colors are not available, Poster colors can also be used... but a coat of varnish is needed to avoid color fading..)

Metallic Dust:

We can obtain an antique effect on the deepam by applying metallic dust...Metallic dust comes as Gold,Silver and bronze... They add a wonderful effect to the plain deepam.. At first, when I brushed on some dust, more dust was wasted.. but accidently, i applied the dust which spilled on my fingers on the deepam, it was very effective and easy to do too..So on this deepam, i have applied gold and silver dust with my fingers...


We can paste any decor items such as sequins, beads,bead strings or stones to decorte a deepam.. Please note to leave the place where it is lit.. to avoid melting of the decor items..

I have pasted a lotus shaped old pendant at one its end..

My favourite:

This deepam looks so beautiful that I could not think of any way to enhance it... Such was the talent  of the designer and craftsman of this clay deepam.. So, as a respect to the designer, I have decided to use this deepam as a clay one itself..


Hope you liked my diyas.. You can try it too and post your creations at the comment section below..
Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

HandMade Mseal Pizza Fridge Magnet

Hello everyone..

"Deception in an art is astonishing"-Quote

We all love pizza... Imagine we can see its cute version everytime we open our refrigerator.. Wonderful.. isn't it? So, Today my post is a fridge magnet made by using shilpkar mseal(epoxy compund), which looks like a  pizza with beautiful ingredients like onions, black olives, little chicken chunks,tomato,mushroom,etc.,

I have pasted  a card board on a fridge magnet and used it as a base for my pizza.. and upon that, I have pasted those veggies with fabric glue (just a precaution... The mseal alone will also adhere nicely) and arranged it on that card board.. After a day, it becomes dry.. Then I have painted on them using acrylic colors..

This was a gift to my husband on his birthday... So I have carved "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the crust.. Take a look..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you enjoyed this artwork...
Feel free to comment... Keep on crafting... Have a nice day..

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Karthigai Deepam kolam

Hello everyone..

The art of drawing kolam in our house entrance is a traditional and fun activity... In earlier days, the use of rice flour in our kolam will act as a food for ants and insects.. today it is drawn using the chalk powder.. Various colors are made by mixing poster colors, dye and such pigments with regular white kolam powder..

Now a days,The color filling is also done by mixing colors with saw dust,salt,etc., instead of the kolam powder.

Today I have posted 6 simple kolam patterns, which has deepam designs for the occasion of karthigai deepam which is celebrated on 12 dec....


 A kolam is drawn by placing several patterned pulligal(i.e., dots) and connecting them using lines.. There are two types of kolam...
  • Kottu Kolam(Lines connecting dots)
  • Nelivu kolam(Lines are drawn around the dots)

A pulli (i.e.,dot) is the integral part of every kolam.. The pulligal are placed in two ways.. They are
  • Ner Pulli (The dots are placed straight down of each dot)
  • Oodu Pulli(The dots of the second line are placed in the center of each dot of the top line)
  My first kolam is a 9 to 5 Oodu pulli kottu kolam..

My second kolam is a 15 to 1 Ner pulli Kottu kolam..

 My third kolam is a 19(3 lines) to 3 Nerpulli Kottu kolam..

These are some of the nelivu kolam..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my post.. Please share your craft ideas or comments below..  Have a nice day.. Lets keep on crafting..