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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A4 Sized Tile Zentangle Pattern Contd

Hello everyone..

Today I have continued writing my last post and have explained the inspirations behind my Zentangle patterns.. To view my last post, Please Click Here..

The full A4 sized pattern is..

Lets see about this four patterns..

The first tile depicts the change of a problem.. In the center, there is a thorn which grows bigger and bigger and finally becomes straight parallel the upper right corner. All our problems will straight out themelves if we are ready to give it some time and patience..

The second tile depicts stages in our life circle.. We start out as tiny cells as in the centre..Grow organs, become an fetus, born ,learn to walk,run and live life.. We marry and have kids... We love and nurture them.. and return the life given to us and reach the tiny forms of ash at last....

The third tile looks like a a arranged book shelf.. This asserts the importance to read books and acquiring knowledge with curiosity....What we have learnt is as a size of our palm and the things to be learnt is as the size of an ocean..

The fourth tile makes us see black in white and white in black .. We should always be aware that there are two sides to everybody.. We can look at their black side and hate them or we can their white side and love them..

The second tile looks like this..

The first tile is drawn like a closely placed flower petals..this represents the idea that union is strength and beauty..

The next tile is inspired by a honeycomb and obviously it is to explain the idea of hard work.. When we work hard, we will surely reap its benefits..

The third tile looks like a fan and it is a tribute the role played by air in our life... As it available to us 24*7, We take it for granted.. Please take a minute to listen to our inhaling and exhaling ..we will realize the importance of air and be grateful..

The fourth tile has a flower placed on  a random designed background.. We should to be indifferent to our joy and sorrow...When we understand there is a slight good in every bad thing, we will remain happy and stop worrying..

Well, these are all just my thoughts.. You too can share your thoughts in the comments section below.. Thank you for reading this post.. Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

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