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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Acrylic Painting-Lotus

Hello everyone.

 Today I've drawn a lotus flower with acrylic paint..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. have a nice day..

Monday, 13 February 2017

Acrylic painting-Red rose

Hello everyone..

On Valentine's Day, Love is in the air.. What else expresses  love better than a single red rose..? So, in this post, I have posted a red rose that I have drawn using acrylic paints.. For this painting, I have used the same rose that I have traced from my kid's coloring book..

Please Click this link to view that red rose post.

The technique used to draw this rose is simple, different, less time consuming but looks wonderful.. (by the way, I learnt it in youtube😊😊)..
  1. First I have drawn this rose by seeing the picture.. 
  2. Give a dark background color as you wish..
  3. Then I gave the shading using black color acrylic paint and water.. (for the whole picture)
  4. Now, I mixed the red acrylic paint with a medium to make it thinner and applied it on the petals and left it to dry
  5. Then , repeat  step 3 with green color for leaves and stem.
  6.  Now, Give another red coating to our rose( Its optional.. It brings out the color nicely and makes our rose stand out) 
The end result looked like this..

 Thank you for your time.. Hope you liked this .. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Acrylic Painting - Mountains

Hello everyone..

The Art community in google+ have some very wonderful and inspiring artworks.. Its nice to see many youtube tutorials which gives us detailed explanations of a painting..

So I have tried a painting on my drawing book.. Hope you like it..

This painting is of some mountains on a sunny day.... This is only my fresh and first attempt..Please pardon my mistakes.. 

First I have drawn the outline for the mountains and then given the background color for the sky and added some clouds..

Then I have drawn the back ground color for the mountains.. and detailing were drawn on the mountains to give it a reflecting effect.. (Believe me.. Its not as easy as it looks..) Then I have drawn the grass on the left corner..

Feel free to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Garland using oasis flowerbed

Hello everyone..

We all might know or heard about the dark green colored flowerbed which is mainly used in  natural flower decorations in stages, cutouts, pathways, etc., to keep those flowers fresh.. Today I have a made a garland using that oasis flowerbed.. This garland is very small and can be used for small deities.. 

We offer pooja and prayers to our deities daily.. But on many auspicious occasions, we would like to decorate our deities..and we would also be ready to spend more for that tiny things which looks beautiful but costs dear(especially during the festive days).. So this comes both as an interesting and useful craft.. We can make something by ourselves which looks more beautiful than we buy in the shops..

To make this garland, 

We will need..
  1. An oasis flower bed
  2. Some precut flowers of our choice..
  3. Beads 
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Fabric glue 
 Step 1:

Cut the oasis flower bed into small squares of about an inch side..

Apply fabric glue on all four sides and paste the flowers onto it..

Now make many such floral beds and let it dry for atleast an hour.. 

After they have dried, Take some beads and sequins to make our garland..

Arrange the flowers and beads in any order of our choice and insert it through the needle and thread to make this garland..

Hope you liked my craft.. Thank you for visiting my blog..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..