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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Acrylic Painting - Mountains

Hello everyone..

The Art community in google+ have some very wonderful and inspiring artworks.. Its nice to see many youtube tutorials which gives us detailed explanations of a painting..

So I have tried a painting on my drawing book.. Hope you like it..

This painting is of some mountains on a sunny day.... This is only my fresh and first attempt..Please pardon my mistakes.. 

First I have drawn the outline for the mountains and then given the background color for the sky and added some clouds..

Then I have drawn the back ground color for the mountains.. and detailing were drawn on the mountains to give it a reflecting effect.. (Believe me.. Its not as easy as it looks..) Then I have drawn the grass on the left corner..

Feel free to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

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