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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Crape Paper Roses

Hello everyone..

Roses have been used to express love, to ask forgiveness, to wish happiness and many such wonderful things.. But the rose like any natural flower, will not be fresh forever.. for its life time is a maximum of a week if preserved.. ..

Can we grow a natural rose which won't become dry? we don't know.. but what we know is we can make some artificial roses which can look like those wonderful real roses.. what these roses lack in terms of fragrance, they will surely make it up with their visual appeal..Don't they?

We can make roses using satin ribbon, Organdy cloth, tissue paper, Color paper, Sola wood, etc., Today I have made some roses using crape paper.. which I learnt through youtube..

I have used light pink and dark red crape paper for making the rose petals..

The leaves and fillers are made using green color paper.. I have pasted some thermocol balls on the fillers and tied pollens on its end..

When I have arranged them in a flower vase, it looked like this..

Now we have these roses which will stay beautiful forever.. Hope you liked my post.. Feel free to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog..

You can view the youtube video here..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Monday, 16 January 2017

Poster painted Flower Cards-Anemone,Lily

Hello everyone..
Flowers are my favorite..They have inspired me in all my crafts right from my childhood days.. These cards were drawn in my school days by seeing a calendar... 

I have used poster color to color these flowers..It took about an hour to draw each of them.. 

The first one is of an anemone flower.. Honestly, I didn't know the name of this flower while I was drawing..Now Lets see how my painting looks..

 The next flower looks like a Lily..But I really don't know the name of this flower.. 

 Hope you liked these paintings.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Birthday card for Dad

Hello everyone..

I love to make greeting cards.. Today I have posted a handmade greeting card done for husband's birthday.. This card has a personal touch as my elder daughter has drawn a family photo inside this card..

I have used a blue card stock as a base for this card..Fold the card vertically along the center to make this a book like opening greeting card..

A blue colored glittering foam sheet is used to cut out petals of a flower.. Now We can paste the petals in the form of a flower..

Upon that and in the corners, I have pasted some pre-cut foam flowers and butterflies which can be bought in any craft shop.. We can paste any stones or crystals to further decorate it.. A tape of stones is pasted along the opening side...

When we open this card, it looks like this..

My daughter has drawn this family photo and I have attached it with glittering tape.. A small cartoon with googly eyes and a wish written using glitter completes this greeting card.. 

Hope you liked this card..Thank you for visiting.. Please don't forget to follow my blog for instant updates.. Have a nice day.. keep on crafting..

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Birthday Gift - Cake Box

Hello everyone..

Today is my daughter's birthday.. the most exciting day for my 6 year old.. So to make things still more fun, I have transformed a plastic box into a cake shaped goodies box and gifted it to her.. She was so happy with her gift..

There are many wonderful gifts and gift shops are available everywhere and we can buy any of them .But when we gift something that was hand made by us..(even though it is simple..), the joy we see on our kid's face is definitely worth it... They realize the time and effort we have put onto creating something exclusively for them.. and thus our bond becomes stronger..

Actually,I love the cute gifts from shops..So I combined both the gifts by placing a shop bought gift inside my handmade gift.. I highly recommend you to try this..for it will bring joy and fun for sure..

Here is what the cake box looked like..

 How to:

Make the lid: 
  1. Place a sponge on the lid and tape it
  2. Stretch a stocking cloth and tape it in the bottom of the lid
  3. This forms the cake top 
  4. We can decorate it with crystals,Pearls,glitersand any other decor items. 
Here is how the side of the box will look like..

Make the side of the cake box:
  1. Place a sponge along the side covering the whole box
  2. Paste a net cloth on the sponge
  3. Decorate it with stickers or other such things..
 Now comes the fun and surprising moment..Open the box to see all the personalized goodies and gifts..

We can place any gift according to our kid's favorites..I have placed a small teddy bear fridge magnet, a small hand made greeting card, some Dora stickers(Her favorite..) and some chocolates..

Hope you liked my post...Thank you for visiting my blog.. Please leave your valuable opinion..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Monday, 2 January 2017

Pencil Drawings -Girls Face

Hello everyone..

I love drawing with pencil... Today I have drawn three pencil drawings of faces of girls depicting their different thoughts..

It is said that our face shows our every feeling.. The first girl is smiling and has a satisfied look in her face.. The curly hair frames the round face..

The second girl takes life seriously and has a no nonsense attitude.. She likes to take responsibility for her actions and is honest..

This third girl loves to see beauty in everything..She is romantic and is able to understand others feelings by gazing through them..

Feel free to comment..Hope you liked my drawings.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..