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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Birthday card for Dad

Hello everyone..

I love to make greeting cards.. Today I have posted a handmade greeting card done for husband's birthday.. This card has a personal touch as my elder daughter has drawn a family photo inside this card..

I have used a blue card stock as a base for this card..Fold the card vertically along the center to make this a book like opening greeting card..

A blue colored glittering foam sheet is used to cut out petals of a flower.. Now We can paste the petals in the form of a flower..

Upon that and in the corners, I have pasted some pre-cut foam flowers and butterflies which can be bought in any craft shop.. We can paste any stones or crystals to further decorate it.. A tape of stones is pasted along the opening side...

When we open this card, it looks like this..

My daughter has drawn this family photo and I have attached it with glittering tape.. A small cartoon with googly eyes and a wish written using glitter completes this greeting card.. 

Hope you liked this card..Thank you for visiting.. Please don't forget to follow my blog for instant updates.. Have a nice day.. keep on crafting..

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