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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sequins Art - Golden plant

Hello everyone..
The beads and sequins are an integral part of decoration.. on fabric, jewellery, gifts and also used in religious practices too.....Beads are widely used even before thousands of years..There are historical evidences that they were used in many Egyptian, Indian, and African culture.. Today there are so many variety of sequins and beads are available to help us give life to our creativity..

Golden tree is made as a craft for some time now mainly since it is believed to bring wealth and prosperity according to vaasthu.. So by taking a leaf out the golden tree (not literally of course..😃I meant the idea), I have made a small golden plant with sequins leaves and thermocol ball fruits..

 I have placed the golden plant inside a small earthen pot and placed mseal around it.. I have sprinkled some sand on the mseal immediately so that it sticks and looks real..

Hope you liked my post..Please leave your comments below.. Thank you for visiting my blog..Have a nice day.. keep on crafting..


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