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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Handmade Kids Greeting Card for Dad's Birthday

Hello everyone..

The most exciting and interesting day for anyone is their birthday..So when my kids wanted to make a greeting card to wish their dad on his birthday, I was excited too.. This card represents the wonderful combination of birthday and crafting along with my kids love..

The card (though a little time consuming) came together so nice.. There are no words to explain the joy and pride on the face of my daughters when they finished and placed the card inside an envelope.. 

So here is how the card was made.. the rectangle card stock is self designed and it is folded along the center..The opening page has a hand written title and bordered with some red paper which was cut with a tulip shaped paper cutter stamp.

There is also a cute hand drawn crayon cartoon of my two daughters(drawn by my elder daughter) at the bottom right corner..

I have made the center page of my greeting card inspired by a classic technique of palm tracing
  1. Place ur child's palm on the cardboard
  2. Trace it and cut the cardboard in that shape
  3. Place it on another cardboard and draw them..
  4. Repeat Step 3 by keeping the palm card on many angles..
I have used blue color for my younger daughter's palm and red for my elder one.. with the "happy birthday dear daddy" message placed among them..

Now, this is another card made with a foam sheet in my kid's palm shape representing  close your eyes symbol.. There was a pen sticked inside the card which was the surprise gift..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you like my kids cards.. Feel free to comment below..
Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

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