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Monday, 12 December 2016

Embroidered Mat

Hello everyone..

Embroidery is a wonderful artwork practiced worldwide.. There are evidences of embroidery done even from 3rd Century with many common stitches such as back stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitch,blanket stitch,etc.,.. The artwork has adapted into every place of the world according to the creativeness of the native people and also the materials available..

Today I have posted an embroidered mat with basic stitches..I have learned many new stitches from You can refer it for any doubts on embroidery.. You can buy online at

You can see the stitches clearly if we take a closer look..

In the center design, I have used Blanket stitch, Chain Stitch and  Satin Stitch.. I have pasted some crystal embellishments on it..ans stiched some golden sequins using back stitch..

For the border stitch, I have used beaded fly stitch and mirror work.. I have stitched a lace along the border to complete the mat..

Hope you like this artwork.. Feel free to comment below.. Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

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