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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

HandMade Mseal Pizza Fridge Magnet

Hello everyone..

"Deception in an art is astonishing"-Quote

We all love pizza... Imagine we can see its cute version everytime we open our refrigerator.. Wonderful.. isn't it? So, Today my post is a fridge magnet made by using shilpkar mseal(epoxy compund), which looks like a  pizza with beautiful ingredients like onions, black olives, little chicken chunks,tomato,mushroom,etc.,

I have pasted  a card board on a fridge magnet and used it as a base for my pizza.. and upon that, I have pasted those veggies with fabric glue (just a precaution... The mseal alone will also adhere nicely) and arranged it on that card board.. After a day, it becomes dry.. Then I have painted on them using acrylic colors..

This was a gift to my husband on his birthday... So I have carved "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the crust.. Take a look..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you enjoyed this artwork...
Feel free to comment... Keep on crafting... Have a nice day..

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