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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Karthigai Deepam kolam

Hello everyone..

The art of drawing kolam in our house entrance is a traditional and fun activity... In earlier days, the use of rice flour in our kolam will act as a food for ants and insects.. today it is drawn using the chalk powder.. Various colors are made by mixing poster colors, dye and such pigments with regular white kolam powder..

Now a days,The color filling is also done by mixing colors with saw dust,salt,etc., instead of the kolam powder.

Today I have posted 6 simple kolam patterns, which has deepam designs for the occasion of karthigai deepam which is celebrated on 12 dec....


 A kolam is drawn by placing several patterned pulligal(i.e., dots) and connecting them using lines.. There are two types of kolam...
  • Kottu Kolam(Lines connecting dots)
  • Nelivu kolam(Lines are drawn around the dots)

A pulli (i.e.,dot) is the integral part of every kolam.. The pulligal are placed in two ways.. They are
  • Ner Pulli (The dots are placed straight down of each dot)
  • Oodu Pulli(The dots of the second line are placed in the center of each dot of the top line)
  My first kolam is a 9 to 5 Oodu pulli kottu kolam..

My second kolam is a 15 to 1 Ner pulli Kottu kolam..

 My third kolam is a 19(3 lines) to 3 Nerpulli Kottu kolam..

These are some of the nelivu kolam..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my post.. Please share your craft ideas or comments below..  Have a nice day.. Lets keep on crafting..

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