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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fabric Painting-Rainbow flowers-DIY

"The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"-Famous quote

Hello everyone..
From our childhood days we are all fascinated by a rainbow.. Be the mild drizzle or the beautiful smell of the rain and sand or the presence of slight warmth of the sun ..But when we see a colorful rainbow in the sky , it is definitely a wonder to behold..

With that beautiful thought, I have combined the two favourites of me (i.e., the Flowers and the Rainbow) into a painting.. A Rainbow Flower...

I have painted these flowers on a black poplin cloth and outlined with golden paint..

Things needed:
  1. Poplin cloth
  2. Acrylic Paints
  3. Golden paint for outlining 
  4. Paint Brushes
  5. Painting Frame 
Other Essentials:
  1. An old cloth for cleaning brushes in between changing colors
  2. An old piece of card or paper to place under the fabric
  3. Clean water
  4. A mixing tray(Optional in case we want to mix certain colours)
The pattern is hand drawn on a black poplin fabric..

The rainbow colors Violet,Indigo,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red are colored form inside of each petal and blended together..

The painting is outlined with golden paint....

After some tiny detailing, the painting looks like this..

Please leave your valuable comments below..
Hope you all enjoyed this post...See you soon with another artwork in my next post. Have a nice day..

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