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Sunday, 6 November 2016

One Stroke Fabric Painting - Flowers

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted two paintings of some beautiful flowers.. I feel very happy in returning to my favorite flowers.. This painting is done using one stroke fabric painting technique..

One Stroke painting is a way of drawing directly on the fabric by brush, rather going through the hectic process of tracing a pattern or color filling or outlining.. Just load the brush with one or more colors, and make some strokes... voila.. We get an amazing painting..When drawn carefully, one stroke painting will work wonders..

One stroke painting can be done with both lettering and flat brushes.. i have loaded my flat brush with two different colors and created a tear drop shaped strokes for the flower petals..

 Hope you liked my paintings.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Please leave your valuable comments below.. Have a nice day..

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