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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Art with Color Pastels

Hello everyone..

I love colors.. Colors add mmm...🤔 well... lets say colors to our life.. don't they? Today I have made a mosaic of colors using oil pastels.. There are no specific pattern or designs in this art... But I have drawn from my heart.. all the colors and designs are random which gives its unique feel and beauty...

Whenever I start to create something, I usually have a plan in my mind... Some inspired artworks, Some DIY artworks, or trying something I came across in youtube, and so on.. But when I started drawing this art, I was blank.. I created every design without any reference... So this too felt kind of new and interesting... 

When I completed this art, I started seeing some pictures in it... That felt wonderful... The most amazing thing about this type of drawing is everyone, their version will be completely different and unique at the same time..

 This is the best way to introduce art and colors to your kids... Please give it a chance and try it at home... (if possible.. along with your kids). As only oil pastels are used, it is safe for your kids too..

This was quite satisfying like drawing a zentangle pattern... But the difference is there are no intricate and repeated patterns...  

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my art..
 Have a nice day... Keep on drawing...

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