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Monday, 17 July 2017

DIY Handmade Queen's Crown

Hello everyone.. 

Schools are the places where children learn many things.. Apart from academics, it is good to see other talents and skills of our children which they display at their school. So, for one such occasion,my kid needed a queen's crown for her skit..

So,I thought, why not make a crown myself? It would be a fun craft..Isn't it? My daughter loved the idea was very happy to help  me..

 I have started making this crown using an old hairband and a paper plate..

The paper plate in the above picture is a complete plate which is folded into half.Please don't cut along the center of the plate..

Fold the paper again into its quarter size and draw the crown picture on top of it..

Now cut along the design..

Now, when you open it, the main layout for our crown is ready..

Fold the crown shape along the hairband by inserting the hairband though its center..

Now decorating this crown is up to us... I have used the back side of the crown as the center part like this..

and the back side looks like this..

Now, we can cover this entire crown with golden paint and decorate it with beads,stones,crystals and anything which we think will make this crown look royal..

After some enhancements and embellishments.  Voila...

 The side of my crown looks like this..

This is just my version..Why don't you try your version of this crown and comment below...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my crown..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

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