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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Learnt through youtube- DIY Satin Ribbon Garland

Hello everyone..

Celebrations always provide joy and a feeling of unitedness among us.. So with Janmastami and independence day we all might have made much more good memories.. With that thought, I realized that another grand festival is just around the corner.."Ganesh Chathurthi"..

I wanted to do something for my Lord Ganesh idol.. The height of the idol is about 40 cms.. And I wanted to make a garland for him..

While youtubing,I came across this wonderful video of making a large satin ribbon garland..Though making garland with satin ribbon by inserting a thread though it is an almost common craft, this little variant in the making method takes this garland to a new level...

I have made an almost same colored garland by inserting a needle through the center of the ribbon..You can view my Satin Ribbon Garland Post here.  

Though this newly learnt method is tricky and time consuming, the finished garland is worth every second...

This is the link of the youtube video from which I have learnt this method of making satin ribbon garland..

Inspired by that video, I have made this garland according my imagination and style.. 

Step 1:Make small strips (the quantity of the strips vary according to the height of the garland)of any colored satin ribbons of about 10 cms.Fold them as shown..

 Step 2: Fold them again along the center..

 Step 3.. Now when you hold the lower half together, You will get a petal..

Now, Insert the needle through each of the petal to make a full garland..We can heat the end of the ribbon strips to avoid them from tearing down..

We can add beads as a decoration ..
The finished garland looked like this..

Hope you liked my craft..Thank you for visiting my blog..

Have a nice day... Keep on crafting..

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