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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Art form waste-Sauce dip gift box-Pista shell tulip flower

"Keep on recycling and carry on Reusing"-Recycle quote

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted two tiny arts made from things we usually throw away..
  1. A tiny gift box
  2. A single tulip flower pot
A tiny gift box:
What do we do with all the sauce dip cups that comes with pizza?.. It mostly goes along with pizza box into waste.. But when well cleaned and with tiny creativity, it can be made as a gift box for small things like keychains, rings, earrings, etc.,

I have decorated the lid with sequins and a bead at the center..

For the side, I have rolled a glitter tape around it.. Simple..Isn't it?

Now our gift box is ready for our tiny gifts..

A single tulip flower pot:

This tulip flower is made by pasting empty pista shells on one another. with fabric glue.. Hot gun glue can also be used...The stem,leaves and sand are made from shilpkar/mseal and colored with green acrylic paint..

The flower pot is also a sauce dip box with separate lid.. Only the cup is taken and painted brown acrylic paint on its inner surface..

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Hope you enjoyed my post.. See you again with another artwork.. Have a nice day..

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