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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Decorated Princess Doll Picture

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted a doll picture dressed up with satin and flanel cloth.. And it is also decorated with glitters, stones,etc.,

This can be used as a wall hanging or in greeting card,etc., The pattern is traced onto a card..

For the inner frills, THreee flanel cloths are cut with measurements as follows in inches
  • 4*1.5
  • 3*1.5
  • 2*1.5
Now for each of the cloth, a runnning stitch is put on one end.. when pulled out it forms a fan like frill..

All three frills are stitched on one another and pasted on the doll picture..

Now for the outer layer of a gown. A satin cloth is cut in the same size and pased along the corners of the gown..

A small part of the flanel cloth is pasted on the top part of the gown.. In the bottom part, a shimmery net fabric is pasted..

Now the doll is decorated with stones and glitters..and colored with a marker pen..

When we border the picture with a glitter tape,The finished picture looks like this..

Thank you for reading my post.. Please visit again and leave your valuable comments.. Hope you enjoyed this post.. See you soon with another artwork.. Have a nice day..

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