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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Crafts-DIY Krishna Flute/Bansuri

"Life is like a flute.. It may have many holes and emptiness.. But if you work on it carefully, It can make magical melodies.." - Famous Quote

Hello everyone..

Every year, one of the highlights of Janmastami is the tradition of dressing up our children as Krishnas and Radhas..In this post,I have made an easy DIY Bansuri/Flute for all the little Krishnas in your houses..

Things needed:
  1. A hollow pipe(like old wall calendar and such)
  2. Color paper
  3. Shilpkar/mseal
  4. Decor items like beads,sequins, etc., of your choice

First take a pipe of size of about 10 inches(Actually, it can be of any size according to your need..)

The next step is to cover the edges with mseal/Shilpkar we can make any curvy edge that we want....  Let it dry for atleast 3 hours..

Now roll a color paper on it and stick it with glue..

Now, we can decorate the flute either with paper tape or golden ropes.. For illustration, I have rolled both of them.. But any one of your choice will suffice..

Color the edge with any dark color... I have used pearl metallic rust..

Decorate with stones and sequins.. add three strands of pearls

 A closer look..

The bansuri is up and ready for your little krishna to play..

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Hope you enjoyed this post.. See you soon with another artwork...Have a nice day..

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