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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Crafts- Krishna set

"Let not the fruit of the action be your motive to act"- Bhagavat Gita

Hello everyone..

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi/Janmashtami,(Birthday of Lord Krishna which is on 27 Aug), I have posted a full krishna decoration set for children..

First comes the wonderful flute of Krishna(Bansuri in Hindi) ..It is made from a hollow PVC pipe which is cut from an old wall calendar..and decorated with maroon satin ribbon,golden paper, beadstring, a disco rope and golden outliner.. Some beads are added to one end..

The crown and peacock feather are bought from shop and taped together..

The Arm and wrist decorations are made with a cardboard and decorated with kundan stones,stone lines,silver paper,beadstrings,half pearls,etc., Satin ribbons are pasted on the back ..

The pearl chain is a single piece in which two bead chains are attached.. One is a small black chain and another is made of big white and golden pearls..

The full set..

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Hope you enjoyed this post.. See you soon with another artwork...Have a nice day..

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