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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fabric Painting-DIY-Cluster Flowers

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." Gerard De Nerval

Hello Everyone..
In this post, I have painted some cluster flowers using "Color filling and Outlining" technique. This painting is done on dark colored background and so light colors are used as fillings.

Finished look.png

Things needed:

A clean and ironed Poplin Fabric:
Poplin is a fabric woven with criss cross ribs of any fiber such as cotton,wool,silk,etc., which gives it a strong texture and it prevents any paint from oozing down through it.

A dark colored Poplin fabric Buy poplin cloth here

Acrylic Paints:
Many different colors of fabric/Acrylic paints.

Painting Brushes:
  1. A Flat Brush No:2 or 3(For color filling)
  2. A lettering Brush No:000 or 00(For outlining)

Short and Stiff bristles are preferable..

Painting Frame:A painting frame helps to tighten the fabric and holds it in the stretched form.

Other Essentials:
  1. An old cloth for cleaning brushes in between changing colors
  2. An old piece of card or paper to place under the fabric
  3. Clean water
  4. A mixing tray(Optional in case we want to mix certain colours)
Procedure:The pattern is drawn directly on the fabric using a multi surface writing pencil.


The completed pattern..


Lighter shades and pearl colors work well with dark color background. As we are using a dark maroon color fabric, we need these following light shaded pearl fabric paints..
  1. Pearl Yellow
  2. Pearl White
  3. Pearl pink
  4. Pearl Green
  5. Pearl Blue
  6. Acrylic Black (for outlining)
In this technique, we start filling colors first, so Pearl yellow is filled inside the petals and Pearl white is given in the folded area.. The leaves are colored Pearl green..

 Some small blue dotted flowers and some extra leaves are added as fillers..


Then we carefully do the outlining of all the flowers and leaves(except fillers) with Black Acrylic paint.


And the finished look will be..

Finished lookHope you all enjoyed this..See you soon with another artwork in my next post. Have a nice day..

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