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Monday, 1 August 2016

Fabric painting-DIY-Red Rose

"In the garden of thy heart, plant naught but the rose of love"-Baha’u’llah

Hello everyone..

This post has a red rose painted on poplin fabric.. This single rose painting is drawn by the  "color filling and outlining" technique with a tiny golden detail... Unlike the hand drawn flower of the last post, this artwork is done by tracing a pattern..

finished look

The pattern was found in my kids coloring book.. Believe it or not..the drawings available in kids coloring books work wonders if they are taken up as an artwork base..

Things needed:

A clean and ironed Poplin Fabric:
Poplin is a fabric woven with criss cross ribs of any fiber such as cotton,wool,silk,etc., which gives it a strong texture and it prevents any paint from oozing down through it. White poplin works well with most acrylic or fabric colors but any color fabric is fine. Buy Poplin cloth here

Many different colors of fabric/Acrylic paints.

Painting Brushes:
  1. A Flat Brush No:2 or 3(For color filling)
  2. A lettering Brush No:000 or 00(For outlining)

Short and Stiff bristles are preferable..

Painting Frame:A painting frame helps to tighten the fabric and holds it in the stretched form.

Other Essentials:
  1. An old cloth for cleaning brushes in between changing colors
  2. An old piece of card or paper to place under the fabric
  3. Clean water
  4. A mixing tray(Optional in case we want to mix certain colours)
Tracing and Transferring the pattern:
The pattern which we are going to paint is chosen..The tracing paper is placed on the pattern and outlined with a pencil..

The tracing paper is placed on the back of the carbon paper and it is pinned on the fabric and the pattern's outline is transferred to the fabric..

 While transferring the pattern use the pencil on tracing paper as lightly as possible and we can outline it again with pencil.. If not, our painting's background will be stained, and also the stain caused by carbon paper on our fabric will be very hard to remove.

As this painting is done by "Color filling and outlining technique", We first start filling the base color of the rose and then outlining is done by the thin lettering brush. The following colors are used in this painting
  1. Crimson
  2. Leaf green
  3. Golden(for detailing)
  4. Black(for outlining)
  5. Lemon yellow(For mixing with green)
We fill the rose petals with crimson color...

We color the leaves and calyx with leaf green color..Now for the stem we mix leaf green colour with a drop of lemon yellow and crimson.. to get a deep brown color ..

Outlining is done by lettering brush loaded with black color..


Tiny detailing is done by golden paint


The finished painting looks like this ..

finished look

Please leave your valuable comments below..

Hope you all enjoyed this..See you soon with another artwork in my next post. Have a nice day..

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