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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fabric Painting - Doorway Decor

"Fill a house with Love and it becomes a home"- Famous Quote

Hello everyone..

In this post,I have displayed a fabric painting done as a home decor which I have painted some time back..  It is a doorway decor which looks very nice if hanged on the entrance of a pooja room.. But also looks good on any doorway...Check it out..

It has two flip sides of the same floral pattern painted on each side and also has a colorful border.. The paintings are done by color filling and outlining technique..

The patterns are traced and transferred on to the Poplin fabric... For illustrations of transferring a pattern, Please refer to my Fabric painting-Red Rose post..

Things needed:

A clean and ironed Poplin Fabric:
Poplin is a fabric woven with criss cross ribs of any fiber such as cotton,wool,silk,etc., which gives it a strong texture and it prevents any paint from oozing down through it. White poplin works well with most acrylic or fabric colors but any color fabric is fine. Buy Poplin cloth here

The poplin cloth is measured 32 inches in length and 15 inches as width. IT is folded along the center and a curved pattern is drawn and cut to get the shape of an arch..

Many different colors of fabric/Acrylic paints.

Painting Brushes:
  1. A Flat Brush No:2 or 3(For color filling)
  2. A lettering Brush No:000 or 00(For outlining)

Short and Stiff bristles are preferable..

Painting Frame:A painting frame helps to tighten the fabric and holds it in the stretched form.

Fabric Glue(To stick stones)


Other Essentials:
  1. An old cloth for cleaning brushes in between changing colors
  2. An old piece of card or paper to place under the fabric
  3. Clean water
  4. A mixing tray(Optional in case we want to mix certain colours)

In this painting, I have used the following colors..

For Flower:
  • Vermillion
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Leaf green(Center of the leaf)
  • Sap green
  • Black (for outlining) 
For Border:
  • Pink
  • Cerulean blue
  • Sap green
  • Crimson
  • Vermillion 
  • Gold(for outlining)

The flip sides of the same floral pattern...

As you can see , tiny detailing are done on the edges of the petals and the painted pattern is decorated with crystal stones.. The stones are pasted with the fabric glue..

The Border of the decor....

The border design is hand drawn and filled with five colors ..It is outlined with golden acrylic paint and decorated with  star shaped green stones

Some more detailing and decorations can also be added according to our creativity and laces,beads,center pieces,etc., and The edges of the fabric is folded and stitched along the borders to avoid tearings..

The Finished look of the fabric painted entrance doorway decor looks like....

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