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Friday, 5 August 2016

DIY Painted Pen Stand

"It is important to reuse our resources. If you don't recycle and reuse things, you may run out of them."-David Murdoch

Hello everyone..
 Today I have reused a card box that comes with biscuits(to retain its freshness) as a painted pen stand..I have used acrylic paints and felt tip pens to paint on this box..

Things needed:
  1. An old box(of Biscuits,tea box,etc.,)

  2. Acrylic paints 

  3. Painting brushes

  4. Black Felt tip pen
  5. Pencil(For drawing the patterns)

The top side of the box is cut off to make it as a holder and the a design is hand drawn with a pencil on the surface.. and criss cross patterns are drawn on the remaining sides of the boxes.. as shown below

 Then the flower pot is colored with pink petals,light green leaves and pearl yellow spots..

And colour the basket with pearl metallic copper and pearl metallic rust..
Now draw the criss cross patterns on the surface of the box with a felt tip pen ..But carefully continue the lines around the box to get a clear pattern..

 Now fill alternate check boxes with black color acrylic paint..

The finished look .. You can keep stationery, brushes,etc., in this holder..

Hope you all enjoyed this..See you soon with my next post..Have a nice day..

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