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Friday, 5 August 2016

Greeting card- Painted with Flowers

"Its not the Years in your life that count, but its the Life in your years.."-Famous Quote

Hello everyone..

Today,I have posted a birthday greeting card that I have done for my husband..Its a door type card with separate cards inserted  into a holder.. Each card has a flower painted on it with acrylic colors.. Take a look..

As you can see, the center part is painted in green acrylic color and outlined with metallic silver.. White stones are pasted with fabric glue..

Once we open the card by holding the center piece, it looks like this..

 A rectangular cut is made on the inner side of the card to make the word "husband" visible..It can be dad or mom or brother or sister or any other relatives to whom this card is prepared.. Also, we can write some wishes in this page..

If we open the blue card...

 There are 7 cards inserted in this holder..The card with letter N is 1/2 inches taller than the card with letter D.. The card with letter A is 1/2 inches taller than the card with letter N.. The card with letter B is 1/2 inches taller than the card with letter A.. And so on.. So when they are stacked behind, The Full word HUSBAND alone will be visible..

Any unique expansions or wordings or wishes that starts with all the letters(In this card, for H,U,S,B,A,N and D) can be written on the visible area..

"Wonder what this butterfly is doing here? Just lift each card to view it" is the wordings on the top of this page, which has a acrylic painted butterfly card pasted on it.. When they lift each card ..its time for.. SURPRISE....

Hope you all liked this card.. See you soon with my next post.. Have a nice day..

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