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Friday, 5 August 2016

Zentangle patterns

"Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt"-Sir Francis de Sales

Hello everyone..

Last week I came across the term "Zentangle".. while I was surfing for Mehendhi designs..and I got an insight into the Zentangle concept..and it was a really fascinating ..Its more of a healing and meditating work rather than art...It is drawn by allowing our creative designs formed in our mind flow through a pencil onto the paper with no Error making or Erasing the designs but making everything we draw, work... Its purely about flowing with our creativity...

Things Needed:

White paper and a pencil/Black pen.. I have used a .5 mm black pen

Zentangle Patterns:

These patterns really brings the Best Art out of Black and White Colors...Surprisingly it also almost looks like henna/mehendhi patterns..So I have tried some of them.. Take a look..

I started off with a Rose..

Then I remembered Lord Vishnu's Sangu(Shell) and Chakra symbols.... So here they are..

Then came the traditional and beautiful Mango pattern...

I found that my mind was slightly relaxed and free after drawing these zentangle patterns..Also, all these patterns can be drawn as Mehendhi too..

Hope you all liked this..See you soon with my next post..Have a nice day..

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