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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Some more Zentangle patterns

"What you think, you become; What you imagine you create"-Buddha

Hello everyone..

The concept of zentangle is very unique...Even though you are fond of colors, it gives a beautiful feeling to draw only with black too.. As its about flowing with our creativity, without erasing or using any other crafts tools, its wonderful to realize what a black pen or pencil could do when leaded with our imagination...

Things needed:

A white paper and a pencil or a black pen
I have used a felt tip pen..

Here are some of the patterns..
First comes a peacock,which is the symbol of grace,pride and of course, beauty..

The next pattern is an abstract..

This fan like pattern is inspired by the mehendi design that is usually drawn on the palm..

At last comes the pattern inspired by the magic carpet.. 

Hope you all liked these..See you soon with my next post..Have a nice day..

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