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Friday, 12 August 2016

DIY-Varalakshmi Head alankara

Hello everyone..

Today I have posted an alankara like a circle of light, that can be attached on to the varamahalakshmi kalasam.. it is decorated with sequins,crystals,beads and roses on a fabric, which is placed on a cardboard.. The rays are made with OHP sheet..

The pattern is drawn using a white pencil and a geometric compass..

It is decorated with jardosi, white crystals and half beads..

The small satin ribbon roses are pasted ..

For the rays of light, We draw the pattern on an OHP sheet.. color it with golden acrylic paint and outline it with black acrylic paint..

Now,decorate the patterns with beads and crystal stones..

Now fold the fabric along a card which is cut along in its shape..

Now, cut out the OHP sheets separately and past it on the back of the alankara.. the finished look of the alankara is..

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Hope you enjoyed this post.. See you soon..Have a nice day..

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