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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Learnt through youtube- DIY Satin Ribbon Garland

Hello everyone..

Celebrations always provide joy and a feeling of unitedness among us.. So with Janmastami and independence day we all might have made much more good memories.. With that thought, I realized that another grand festival is just around the corner.."Ganesh Chathurthi"..

I wanted to do something for my Lord Ganesh idol.. The height of the idol is about 40 cms.. And I wanted to make a garland for him..

While youtubing,I came across this wonderful video of making a large satin ribbon garland..Though making garland with satin ribbon by inserting a thread though it is an almost common craft, this little variant in the making method takes this garland to a new level...

I have made an almost same colored garland by inserting a needle through the center of the ribbon..You can view my Satin Ribbon Garland Post here.  

Though this newly learnt method is tricky and time consuming, the finished garland is worth every second...

This is the link of the youtube video from which I have learnt this method of making satin ribbon garland..

Inspired by that video, I have made this garland according my imagination and style.. 

Step 1:Make small strips (the quantity of the strips vary according to the height of the garland)of any colored satin ribbons of about 10 cms.Fold them as shown..

 Step 2: Fold them again along the center..

 Step 3.. Now when you hold the lower half together, You will get a petal..

Now, Insert the needle through each of the petal to make a full garland..We can heat the end of the ribbon strips to avoid them from tearing down..

We can add beads as a decoration ..
The finished garland looked like this..

Hope you liked my craft..Thank you for visiting my blog..

Have a nice day... Keep on crafting..

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hand made Thailand Accessories

Hello everyone..

Kids are always cute... But you will be amazed when a liitle fancy dress party comes in their way...and they look completley adorable.. For my daughter, the theme of the fancy dress was Traditional costumes of different countries other than India, as they celebrated  "World Population Day" in their school. 

So I researched throughout the net and finally decided to go with Thailand.. For dressing her up, I decided to use her own dresses and layered it like a traditional Thai costume.. But when I wanted to accessorize her, that's when thing got interesting.. 

All of Thailand's accessories were unique  and I started making them with the things that I had..

First of all, I made a head dress with golden leaf like structures around her hairbun..
This required some satin flowers and golden glitterd foams(As I could not find golden foil leaves)..
They were all tied up over a thin golden wire that is usually used in making stocking cloth flowers..

After stitching the flowers on to the wire, we can attach the golden leaves and let the glue dry for about 2 to 3 hours.. Now the headdress is ready..

Now for the hip belt, I have glued two circles of chart paper on both sides of an old bangle.. And attached it onto some golden laces.. we can decorate the center piece of the belt with stones and gems...

 At last comes the hair pin. We know that beaded hairpin is essential for Chinese and Japanese costumes, But it is also a part of Thailand's traditional costume..

I have decorated a piece of flower shaped chart and attached some toothpicks for  the comb..The finished hairpin looked like this..

So that is all for today friends.. Hope you liked my post..Thank you for visiting my blog..

Feel free to comment below.. Have a nice day,,,Keep on crafting..

Saturday, 29 July 2017

DIY- Decorated Hairclips

Hello everyone..

Beautiful things lies around us everywhere... Its up to us to identify it.. So when I bought a strip of plain hair clips for my kid, I thought of beautifying it .. 

I have used some gems,  stone lines, beadstrings, and pasted them with fabric glue..

Here are different designs on different color clips..

Hope you liked my craft..

Feel free to comment..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Keep on crafting..

Monday, 17 July 2017

DIY Handmade Queen's Crown

Hello everyone.. 

Schools are the places where children learn many things.. Apart from academics, it is good to see other talents and skills of our children which they display at their school. So, for one such occasion,my kid needed a queen's crown for her skit..

So,I thought, why not make a crown myself? It would be a fun craft..Isn't it? My daughter loved the idea was very happy to help  me..

 I have started making this crown using an old hairband and a paper plate..

The paper plate in the above picture is a complete plate which is folded into half.Please don't cut along the center of the plate..

Fold the paper again into its quarter size and draw the crown picture on top of it..

Now cut along the design..

Now, when you open it, the main layout for our crown is ready..

Fold the crown shape along the hairband by inserting the hairband though its center..

Now decorating this crown is up to us... I have used the back side of the crown as the center part like this..

and the back side looks like this..

Now, we can cover this entire crown with golden paint and decorate it with beads,stones,crystals and anything which we think will make this crown look royal..

After some enhancements and embellishments.  Voila...

 The side of my crown looks like this..

This is just my version..Why don't you try your version of this crown and comment below...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my crown..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Flower Basket

Hello everyone..

This flower basket that I made was very special to me.. I learnt this craft in my school days and I recreated it last week with those memories. It turned out quite good... This flower basket has hand made cute little red flowers among precut fabric leaves on a small basket bought from a craft shop..... 

The flowers are made of petals in which the stocking cloth is strectched on a ring made with thin golden wire.. This flower basket is decorated with satin ribbons and cloth lace.....

Hope you liked my flower basket..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Have a nice day...Keep on crafting..

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Art with Oil Pastels-Tulips

Hello everyone..

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world... Be its bright and dashing colors or its unique shape or the perfect contrast of its petals to its long thin stem and long leaves..Tulips are always a feast for our eyes..

With that thought, while I was going through an old school book of my daughter, I saw a picture with these beautiful tulip flowers... And I attempted to draw it with oil pastels and it turned out like this..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my painting... 

Have a nice day..Keep on painting..

Monday, 12 June 2017

One Stroke painting-Rose and Butterfly

Hello everyone..
 One stroke painting is a wonderful technique for painting flowers.. It is very beautiful and interesting to paint..But the mst important feature of One stroke painting is that painting is done easily and also consumes very less time..

Check out some of my one stroke paintings in

One stroke painting works well on smooth surfaces ..It helps with our strokes and gives a cleaner look to the picture..

This drawing was done on my daughter's hand.Take a look at it and comment how you feel..

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Garland using satin ribbon

Hello everyone..

Making crafts gives us a wonderful feeling.. But if we do something for deities or for pooja purposes. it will really give us great satisfaction. So, today, I have made a small garland with yellow,green and red colored satin ribbons...

This craft is a classic one but looks really colorful.. This garland is made by sewing the satin ribbon along a single side.. I have added some beads and a centerpiece for decoration..

You can see another type of garland made using oasis flower by clicking my oasis flower bed garland post.

Hope you liked my garland.. Thank you forvisiting my blog..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

Friday, 2 June 2017

Art with Oil pastels-landscape

Hello everyone..

I love painting... If you are a regular visitor of my blog or you are familiar with my blog posts, you might know that some how or other, flowers and colors will feature in almost every post... But today, I have tried a landscape by using oil pastels...

 I have drawn a line of trees in fall season(without leaves) on a grassland.. I have drawn a stone laid pathway inbetween.. The background colors orange,ochre and lemon yellow are blended...

As drawing landscape is new to me, I hope you will overlook my flaws ... I am happy with my first attempt but I know I have a long way to go and I will keep on practicing..

Feel free to comment.. 

Thank you for visiting my blog... Hope you liked my painting..

Have a nice day... Keep on painting...

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Learnt through youtube-Crape Paper Gladiolus

Hello everyone..

The discussion of whether internet is a boon or ban will always continue... But today, I have tried one of the DIY flower making ideas which I have learnt through youtube.As  I have searched for ideas how to make flowers since my childhood,I am feeling great to see the step by step procedure to do almost any flower in youtube..

I am so amazed to see the creative ideas from around the world.. And I have started to try these ideas myself. I have made a gladiolus flower using crape paper..

The video with which I have learnt this method is..

 This is my first attempt and I am feeling good about the result..

Thank you for visiting my blog...Hope you liked my post..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

OHP Sheet Butterfly

Hello everyone,,

OHP sheets are one of the best craft supplies which can used in a variety of ways.. They are a nice alternative to glass and works best with glass colors.. Whoever wants to learn glass painting, I would highly recommend them to start with OHP sheets.. For detailed illustration about using glass colors on an OHP sheet, kindly check out my following previous posts..

Today I have done a butterfly using Ohp sheet as its feathers and shilpkar mseal as its body... I have inserted the ohp feathers into the mineral clay ball and made its eyes and body lines.. we can colour it after it dries..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting...

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hand Embroidery-Three flowers

Hello everyone..

I love doing embroidery very much.. Being very beautiful in itself, it also gives a whole new look to the fabric in which it is done... No wonder I have posted a flower embroidery given my love for flowers.. 

In this embroidery, I have used herringbone stitch .. and satin stitch for the flower center.. Herringbone stitch is using crisscross patterns repeatedly to fill the entire petal region..  
You can learn to do a herringbone stitch by seeing the the following youtube video

This embroidery was done as a center design for my landline phone cover.. We can stitch a lace along the border or do a little piping work to make it look like a mat..

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you liked my embroidery..

Have a nice day..Keep on crafting..

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Art with Color Pastels

Hello everyone..

I love colors.. Colors add mmm...🤔 well... lets say colors to our life.. don't they? Today I have made a mosaic of colors using oil pastels.. There are no specific pattern or designs in this art... But I have drawn from my heart.. all the colors and designs are random which gives its unique feel and beauty...

Whenever I start to create something, I usually have a plan in my mind... Some inspired artworks, Some DIY artworks, or trying something I came across in youtube, and so on.. But when I started drawing this art, I was blank.. I created every design without any reference... So this too felt kind of new and interesting... 

When I completed this art, I started seeing some pictures in it... That felt wonderful... The most amazing thing about this type of drawing is everyone, their version will be completely different and unique at the same time..

 This is the best way to introduce art and colors to your kids... Please give it a chance and try it at home... (if possible.. along with your kids). As only oil pastels are used, it is safe for your kids too..

This was quite satisfying like drawing a zentangle pattern... But the difference is there are no intricate and repeated patterns...  

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Hope you liked my art..
 Have a nice day... Keep on drawing...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Daisy Stitch patterns heart,Peacock,flowerpot

Hello everyone..

Today lets indulge in the amazing world of hand embroidery..

Embroidery is a wonderful artwork which has its own history and it has been an integral part of fashion world.. From the time we started creating our clothes, we started experimenting with embroidery too.. Be it done with either hand as a hobby or with the help of stitching machines, We can see embroidery adorning mostly everyone's wardrobe..

In hand embroidery, Daisy stitch is one of the famous stitches and looks better for flowers...(my favourites..yay...) I have drawn some patterns for daisy stitch... The first one is a simple and looks like a heart.. It is good for beginners..

The next pattern looks like a peacock with daisy patterns for its feathers.. We can use any line stitches like chain/running/back/stem stitch for other parts of the peacock.. 

The last pattern is that of a flower pot.. Daisy stitch can be done for the flowers.. Weave stitch will look good for the basket..

Hope you liked my patterns.. Thank you for visiting my blog..feel free to comment below..

Have a nice day.. Keep on drawing..

Monday, 3 April 2017

Colorful Flowers with oil pastels

Hello everyone.

As the summer has begun, my daughter has been very happy.  But she is also getting bored sometimes..She wanted her crayons to draw something.. I found my old oil pastels set while searching her crayons..and also a new flower had bloomed in my plant.. So I have drawn some flowers using the oil pastels.. 

I have drawn many colorful flowers by blending many colors. Oil pastels are very good for blending and gives a nice effect.. I have blended some light colors with the dark color outlines.. 

In the center, I have given some black color shading along with black colored border.. 

Hope you liked my drawing.. Please feel free  to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on drawing..

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

DIY Popsicle Sticks Pen stand

Hello everyone..

We all worry about our clumsy work spaces.. right? It is true that if we organize our work space, we can easily save time, avoid unwanted stress and of course, find out what we look for very easily.. So today I give you a pen stand to keep all your pens,pencils, paint brushes,etc., safely..

As I have mentioned in almost all my posts(Sorry..I know😒), I love flowers.. Whatever i think to create, the flowers keep appearing on my mind unconsciously..

I saw a kid enjoying his Popsicle ice cream on my way home. As usual, the flowers appeared on my mind and  I got an idea..A fence with climbers..Wow.. It was a wonderful glowing bulb moment for me(Yay..🙌)


On that thought,Let's see how my popsicle pen stand looks..
Ta da...

Now we can see how was it done..

I have pasted 3 Popsicle sticks together with a half sized crossed stick.. this forms one side of the pen stand.. Make 3 more to get 4 set of fence like structures.. Stick them at each others end to form a box.. This is our pen stand..

Here comes the interesting part.. I have made some flower patterns using this stamp on some color papers..(dark and light green, yellow, dark and light pink)

I pasted those flowers on each side of the pen stand to create the look of climbers on a fence..

If we look in this picture, we can see the inside of the pen stand and the back of the flowers..

Now our popsicle sticks pen stand is ready for show.. .. Thank you for visiting my blog.. Feel free to share your ideas or corrections in the comments section..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..🎨

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Stocking cloth butterfly

Hello everyone..

I love flowers and butterflies very much.. They have their unique way of expressing our thoughts and feelings.. So today I have posted a handmade butterfly made by using stocking cloth.. When I did this butterfly, I didn't even know what a blog means.. 

Now , I thought that this is butterfly is worth posting as it is my favorite(and also, I found its hiding place only yesterday😆).. I made it as a birthday greeting card for my husband some 5 years back..

The butterfly is made by stretching the  stocking cloth over the golden rod.. The center body is made of paper and the whole butterfly is decorated using golden outliner, beads and some sequins..

Take a look at it and share your comments below.. 

 Hope you liked my greeting card and the butterfly.. Have a nice day..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Keep on crafting..

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Acrylic Painting-Lotus

Hello everyone.

 Today I've drawn a lotus flower with acrylic paint..

Thank you for visiting my blog.. have a nice day..

Monday, 13 February 2017

Acrylic painting-Red rose

Hello everyone..

On Valentine's Day, Love is in the air.. What else expresses  love better than a single red rose..? So, in this post, I have posted a red rose that I have drawn using acrylic paints.. For this painting, I have used the same rose that I have traced from my kid's coloring book..

Please Click this link to view that red rose post.

The technique used to draw this rose is simple, different, less time consuming but looks wonderful.. (by the way, I learnt it in youtube😊😊)..
  1. First I have drawn this rose by seeing the picture.. 
  2. Give a dark background color as you wish..
  3. Then I gave the shading using black color acrylic paint and water.. (for the whole picture)
  4. Now, I mixed the red acrylic paint with a medium to make it thinner and applied it on the petals and left it to dry
  5. Then , repeat  step 3 with green color for leaves and stem.
  6.  Now, Give another red coating to our rose( Its optional.. It brings out the color nicely and makes our rose stand out) 
The end result looked like this..

 Thank you for your time.. Hope you liked this .. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Acrylic Painting - Mountains

Hello everyone..

The Art community in google+ have some very wonderful and inspiring artworks.. Its nice to see many youtube tutorials which gives us detailed explanations of a painting..

So I have tried a painting on my drawing book.. Hope you like it..

This painting is of some mountains on a sunny day.... This is only my fresh and first attempt..Please pardon my mistakes.. 

First I have drawn the outline for the mountains and then given the background color for the sky and added some clouds..

Then I have drawn the back ground color for the mountains.. and detailing were drawn on the mountains to give it a reflecting effect.. (Believe me.. Its not as easy as it looks..) Then I have drawn the grass on the left corner..

Feel free to comment.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. 

Have a nice day.. Keep on painting..

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Garland using oasis flowerbed

Hello everyone..

We all might know or heard about the dark green colored flowerbed which is mainly used in  natural flower decorations in stages, cutouts, pathways, etc., to keep those flowers fresh.. Today I have a made a garland using that oasis flowerbed.. This garland is very small and can be used for small deities.. 

We offer pooja and prayers to our deities daily.. But on many auspicious occasions, we would like to decorate our deities..and we would also be ready to spend more for that tiny things which looks beautiful but costs dear(especially during the festive days).. So this comes both as an interesting and useful craft.. We can make something by ourselves which looks more beautiful than we buy in the shops..

To make this garland, 

We will need..
  1. An oasis flower bed
  2. Some precut flowers of our choice..
  3. Beads 
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Fabric glue 
 Step 1:

Cut the oasis flower bed into small squares of about an inch side..

Apply fabric glue on all four sides and paste the flowers onto it..

Now make many such floral beds and let it dry for atleast an hour.. 

After they have dried, Take some beads and sequins to make our garland..

Arrange the flowers and beads in any order of our choice and insert it through the needle and thread to make this garland..

Hope you liked my craft.. Thank you for visiting my blog..

Have a nice day.. Keep on crafting..